Lymphatic Drainage Massage


What is Lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle pressure technique used to move the waste fluids from the damaged area. It works well for situation such as edema, after surgery, and acute conditions. The slow, repetitive, rhythmical nature of the technique also decreases pain perception and the effects of the sympathetic nervous system.

In the case of edema resulting from acute or sub acute trauma, lymphatic massage  are useful in reducing the formation of scar tissue. this is accomplished by the removal of fibrin from the initial lymphatic.

Edema resulting from connective tissue restrictions such as post-surgical scarring can also be treated. Persons with lymphedema experienced an increase in urine output; urine concentrations of histamine, corticosteroids and noradrenaline also increased after lymphatic drainage, which suggests the techniques improve the clearance of these substance fro edematous tissues and, by extrapolation, remove other metabolic waste

The lymphatic system is largely a passive one. It relies on surrounding skeletal muscles and the action of the diaphragm to move lymphatic fluid through it capillaries, nodes and ducts. The larger abdominal and thoracic ducts have contractile abilities

What conditions can get help from lymphatic drainage massage?





  • edema.
  • after surgery.
  • acute condition.
  • Pain relief.

What is side effect of lymphatic drainage masssage?

There is no side effect with lymphatic massage. Contraindication to lymphatic drainage techniques include chronic heart failure, acute conditions due to bacterial or viral infection, recent thrombosis, low-protein edemas due to kidney pathologies, malignancy and lymphatic obstruction by parasites